I’m Motivational!

bikeshopgirlI am now on a website devoted to cycling, product reviews and empowering women in the biking world.

So there’s that.

Bike Shop Girl is a pretty stellar website with gads of resources and fun insights. I’d get plugged into her Twitter @BikeShopGirlcom because that has lots of action going on.

Could you have even imagine if I had written everything that I actually do on my bike? The “zero emissions bicycling harpist” for instance? Effortlessly doing bike moves for friends throughout the city? (Having done three of my own.) Writing a vegan-gluten free bike touring survival guide? Attempting to race, despite my oppressive work schedule? Tirelessly assisting in the organization of the world’s largest World Naked Bike Ride for the last five years? Well. . . I might leave out that last one. 

Ok. Ok. I’m starting to become less motivational and more gloating. Just go to the site and read the article, already!

Other than that, would like to mention, that has nothing to do with the article, that the heat wave in the we’ve been having all weekend here in the Pacific Northwest is going to continue throughout the week and so drink plenty of water. I’m doing really well and went on my first little 30 mile ride in over a month this Friday. Got burnt. Worked a merch booth at Multnomah County Bike Fair on Saturday. Got more burnt.

So I’m healing well.

Doing stupid things again!

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