Article: Cycling with Epilepsy

bsg20130926Back in July I was featured as a Motivational Monday cyclist on Bike Shop Girl. I even wrote an article in response to it. After the initial post, I was asked to write a follow-up article about some of my experiences with epilepsy and cycling.


That’s where I’m a viking.

So I wrote an article yesterday, she posted it on her website. Just a very matter-of-fact telling of my coming to terms with my diagnosis at the same time I was just beginning a love affair with cycling.

Pretty basic.

After being published on Bike Shop Girl for a mere eight hours, I was contacted by “DisCo: Disability Conversations” asking if it would be okay to republish the article on their site.

I am thrilled with the attention that this is receiving because what I really want it to get across is that there are shitty parts in your life but it isn’t always that way, and it doesn’t always have to be that way.

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