Building Bike Racks

At Christmas I was given some wonderful rainy weather cycling gear that I have been looking forward to writing reviews for. However, it hasn’t been raining and the weather has been gorgeous here. . . so I have been unable to review these products.

The good weather has given me the opportunity to get into other creative endeavors, however. Today, we were able to hang half of our bike parking in our garage. We’ve been waiting a while to do this and were super excited to get it done.

However, we are renting the townhouse we’re in and can’t be drilling a ton of holes in our garage. What did we decide on doing? Due to our transportation confines, we got a 6″ x 2″ x 12′ board and had it cut in half at the hardware store. So now we have two 6′ boards. We picked up eight 4″ lag bolts (2 for each end of each board) and 12 bike hooks.

bikerackWe made sure that we checked out where the bend in the garage door would be because the worst thing would be to do all that work and have handlebars crunch due to being too close. Shifted in. Used a stud finder and marked off the center for the first one and (I did for each one because I just want to know. My garage is every 16″ – some walls are every 28″. Check your walls.)

Drilled holes in the wall and holes in the wood for the bolts. Set the bolts. Put the hooks on after the board was on the wall. We chose a 12″ spacing. Six bikes to a board. By hanging the board and not putting the hooks directly into the studs we are putting many less holes in our walls and are able to put many more bikes on the walls.


Here’s to getting half of it up! Hopefully we’ll get our garage reconfigured so as to put the other half up.

EDIT: 1/24/14 – Because it was mentioned on BikePortland and this photo isn’t that apparent. Also I forgot to mention. (By the way, this article got reposted to BP!) The hooks are alternating! I went 6″ in on the end of the board and then spaced the hooks every 12″. Each hook was 1.5″, first from the top and then from the bottom and so forth.

Tools Needed
Stud Finder
Power Drill (with bolt attachment & drill bit for guide holes)
Measuring Tape

Stuff Needed
Lumber (I used 6″ x 12′ so I could stagger the hooks)
Bike Hooks (I used 12 – 6 for each board)
4″ Lag Bolts (Two at the end of each board)

This is a very, very inexpensive option if you have the tools . I highly suggest the 4″ lag bolts or similar since by putting them in the stud you have thereby given yourself like 100,000 lbs of tensile strength. (Don’t quote me on that, though.)

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5 thoughts on “Building Bike Racks

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  4. BIKELEPTIC Post author

    Thanks! It’s my boyfriend’s fully custom cross bike; the 2nd bike DeSalvo ever made with a carbon seat stay. I wish we had displayed some of our prettier ti frames and my tiny interesting rides (Santa Cruz roadster anyone?! Say what!?) and Turner Flux and Sultan are hidden in the back. But it’s about being functional and convenient over braggy! Hah!

    Thanks for checking out my corner of the web!


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